Divider Curtains — The Answer to Your Athletic Facility Success

Divider curtains are essential for every successful indoor athletic arena; if you are a school, university, pro-team gymnasium or community athletic center, chances are, you could benefit from running more than one activity at any given time. Highly customized divider curtains will allow your school to keep student athletes in pique condition while facilities can earn a higher profit from more usable spaces available to paying customers.

Simultaneous events can occur—even in the most limited gymnasium space—with the simple addition of divider curtains. Plus, the divider adds a much-needed layer of protection for spectators and bystanders.

Divider curtains can be customized to fit your complex’s specific needs. Learn how to get the biggest bang for your facility dollars by calling Victory Athletics today!

Retractable Divider Curtain

To improve the functionality and revenue stream of your gymnasium or athletic center, a retractable divider curtain is a must. The ability to run more than one activity at any given time increases the number of games, fans and tickets sold per unit of time.

retractable divider curtain

High Speed Retractable Divider Curtain

Revamp the setup of your athletic space in 50 seconds or less with a high-speed retractable divider curtain. With a high-speed, high-quality motor, an improved gear ratio and more robust drum size, your divider curtains can lift and lower faster than previous models. This means you can schedule more games in one day, therefore, improving profits without adding more resources.

Lorain County Community College replaced their previous divider curtain system which took 4 to 5 minutes each to raise with 3 of our high speed divider curtains which raise in 50 seconds each. Our fully adjustable, high speed, high torque, frequency driven winch uses a spool with a single layer and does not allow the cable to run over itself which makes the cables last longer. The brackets are also fully adjustable for uneven ceiling structures.

High Speed Retractable Divider Curtain

High Speed Retractable Divider Curtain

Radius Divider Curtain

If you are considering a walk draw divider curtain, but are concerned you don’t have the space against your wall to store it, or have a curvature you need to work around, a radius divider curtain is the solution!

Radius Divider Curtains

Walk Draw Divider Curtain

This convenient track-style walk draw divider curtain offers an economical answer to your space dividing needs. Great option for those facilities on a budget. Manual operation with enclosed galvanized steel track. Can be stored flat against a wall or in small corners of a facility.

walk draw divider curtain
walk draw divider curtain