If your batting cage or cable kits look like this, you need an upgrade!

We can help.

Below are some examples of the past work we have done around the country. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Single Lane Retractable Batting Cage Systems

When deciding on a single lane retractable batting cage system you have a few options.

You can choose standard or hands free. Standard means that you lower the cage to its lowest point and unfold the netting from the stored position, and then raise the cage to the play position. With a hands free system, the net is automatically unfolded as it is lowered and folded as it is raised.

You can also choose between a standard or high speed winch with optional remote control.

Please be sure to mention EXACTLY what type of system and options you are looking for to receive an accurate quote.

Standard Retractable Batting Cage
Tandem Batting Cages

A tandem retractable batting cage system is one that has multiple lanes, side by side within a single system.

Sliding Net Wall to Wall Cable Kit

An alternative to a retractable batting cage is a sliding net on a cable kit that extends from wall to wall. This system requires you to walk the netting which is suspended on a cable from one end of the wall to the other.

Custom Retractable Batting Cages - Monster Cages

For those Monster Jobs that require specialized custom work our fabricators are the best in the country. We can customize any solution for any facility in house.

Retractable Batting Cages in Gym Loft

Utilizing space is important for any athletic training facility or gymnasium. No matter where you need to install a batting cage, Victory Athletics has got you covered.

Retractable Batting Cages with Drive Tube System
Tandem Retractable Batting Cage with Above-Ceiling Hidden Upper Structure