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What size batting cage are you looking to purchase? (LxWxH)

What type of ceiling structure do you have?

Red Iron Beam
Red Iron Beam Shed Roof

Flat Bar Joist
Sloped Bar Joist

Open Truss
I Beam Truss

What is the dimension from center of truss to center of truss? (Required)

Does the on center spacing stay the same in the area where the cage will be positioned? (Required)

What are the dimensions of the mounting surface, width and height?

Example: if your bar joist truss has (2) 5” x 5” angles welded back with a 1” gap between them, the dimensions would be 11” w x 5” H

Do the trusses have a slope?

If yes, please explain.

What are the dimensions from the mounting surface to the floor?
Count courses of the block on the wall for an approx. height.
Make sure you identify how tall 1 block is before calculating. (Required)

What is the length and width of the gym where the cages will be positioned?

Will the cage be hanging parallel or perpendicular to the trusses/mounting surface? (Required)

Are the any obstructions that hang more than 4” below the ceiling trusses in the entire area where the frame will be retracted?
Example: lights, ducts, piping, divider curtain.

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Is the gym on the second floor? If so, is there access for a scissor lift in the area of where the cage is to be installed?

Is there a ground level entrance into the gym? (Required)

Is the use of a self-propelled scissor lift on the gym floor OK?
If not, an additional charge for labor will be quoted. 8-10, 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood must be furnished by facility. (Required)

What are the hours our crew will be able to work? (Required)

Is there available power or inside power that can be ran outside for our installation vehicle while we are on site?

What is the distance to the closest and level area to park our installation vehicle?
The approximate size of our vehicle is comparable to a tour bus or a large motor home.

Comments, suggestions, additional information.

Please upload photos of the area where you would like the cage installed and any other photos that will be helpful.