Whether you need to outfit a wrestling room, the walls behind basketball hoops, the end of a track or an entire athletic center, gymnasium wall padding provides protection for your property and safety for your athletes and spectators.

Standard gymnasium wall padding panels measure 2 inches thick, 2 feet wide and 6 feet tall, but can be customized to fit any size wall. The thickness can also be customized.

Gymnasium wall padding can also be installed around any wall obstruction or wrapped around poles and columns so there is never a lapse in the protection it provides. You certainly wouldn’t want a player to get hurt by running after a foul ball or running out of bounds, right? Cover rails and chain link fences with wall padding to help prevent injuries. Wall padding can even cover beams in the ceiling to prevent ricochets!

If your padding needs are outdoor, we’ve got you covered there, too. Outdoor padding is made of marine-grade plywood and mildew resistant foam ensuring it will last. Drain holes on the bottom also allow for drainage and breathability.

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Gymnasium Wall Padding

Gymnasium Wall Padding Personalized to Your Space

What do Oberlin College, Kent State University and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln have in common? They all have personalized gymnasium wall padding provided by Victory Athletics! And they all look really good.

If you want to personalize your space like these schools, Victory Athletics can add your custom logo or any digital image or text to your wall padding because we design and fabricate everything in house. We also have several colors to choose from so your school spirit shines through your investment.

Discover how gymnasium wall padding customized to your preferred thickness, size and design can improve the functionality and protection of your gym or athletic space—contact Victory Athletics today.