While doors serve as the entryways and exits from your gymnasium or athletic space, they can be so much more. On one hand, they could be a dangerous incident waiting to happen. Or, on the other hand, they could be a branding opportunity that also happens to protect the people in your school or rec center. How? With door wall padding.

First and foremost, if an athlete is chasing after a ball headed out of bounds and slams into a glass or metal door, he or she is likely to be injured. Or if a cameraperson or bystander happens to be entering the gym and a player is chasing that ball, both parties could be injured. Door wall padding can help mitigate that risk.

Customizable to any door, door wall padding can be any height or width. And while standard padding is 2 inches thick, it can also be customized to your desired thickness.

Door Wall Padding Personalized to Your Space

Now getting back to that branding opportunity, when you apply door wall padding to your doors, there is no reason it needs to remain a blank space. Victory Athletics can apply your school logo or chosen vibrant image to show off your school pride. Or you could apply your school name or chosen message with precise text.

For the highest quality gymnasium wall padding, corner wall padding and door wall padding, you can count on Victory Athletics. All of our equipment is designed and fabricated in house so quality is never a question. Plus, our team can offer consulting in budgeting, project layout, design, upgrading and installation.

Discover how door wall padding customized to your preferred thickness, size and design, can improve the functionality and protection of your gym or athletic space—contact Victory Athletics today.