If you are considering a walk draw divider curtain, but are concerned you don’t have the space against your wall to store it, or have a curvature you need to work around, a radius divider curtain is the solution!

You already know a walk draw curtain divider is essential for creating a more functional space in your gym or athletic center, so why not further utilize your space by allowing that curtain to lie flat against a perpendicular wall? You can even create an “L” shape, a square box or a rectangle, all it takes is adding a radius divider curtain to your already existing or new walk draw divider curtain.

This efficient option means you can maximize the functionality of your gym or athletic center. For example, if you have an indoor track surrounding an indoor playing field, you can take a radius and separate the play going on inside the field from the people running on the track, creating a focused atmosphere for every athlete.

Radius Divider Curtains

Customize the Radius Divider Curtain to Your Space

When you have minimal storage space or limited sideline space in your high school, college or professional gym or on your athletic center court, you can minimize the storage space a divider curtain needs by installing a radius divider curtain. Instead of being bunched up against the wall, a radius add-on turns the curtain so it can lie flat against the opposing wall or follow any angles your space dictates.

With a customized radius divider curtain from Victory Athletics, you can protect any area you want, including walls, windows, scoreboards or even spectator stands. Your challenging space is our specialty—our ability to customize radius divider curtains is unlimited.

Are you ready to discover how you can improve the functionality of your gymnasium or athletic center with a radius divider curtain? Contact Victory Athletics today.