If you are looking to create professional looking batting cages but have limited space or are on a tight budget, walk draw batting cages can meet your space and budgetary requirements while providing a superb experience for your athletes.

Victory Athletics offers walk draw batting cages that operate with cable kits that slide against the wall to make even the most modest budget look professional. Never saggy, our walk draw batting cages are durable and give a clean, professional look every baseball player will appreciate.

So if your ceilings are below 14 feet or you want to be mindful of your school’s or sports center’s budget, walk draw batting cages are an excellent way to outfit your facility with a place for pitching and batting practice. Keep the netting stored against the wall then simply walk across your athletic space to transform it into batting cages. When pitching and batting practice is over, simply walk it back to keep the netting out of the way for other athletes in need of the space.

walk draw indoor batting cage
walk draw batting cages
Walk Draw Retractable Batting Cage

Walk Draw Batting Cages: Our Values

We understand you want the very best for your athletes. With walk draw batting cages from Victory Athletics, you can count on quality at every step.

We design, fabricate and assemble all of our equipment in house at our Ohio-based facility, eliminating the middleman, so your batting cage quality is never a question and equipment is always customized to fit your needs.

And if you need assistance in budgeting or design, you can consult our professional crew. We can guide you through the entire process and consult on items such as budgeting, project layout, design, upgrading and installation.

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To learn more about transforming your athletic space into batting cages with our high quality walk draw batting cage option, contact Victory Athletics today.