To improve the functionality and revenue stream of your gymnasium or athletic center, a retractable divider curtain is a must. The ability to run more than one activity at any given time increases the number of games, fans and tickets sold per unit of time.

Imagine running two basketball games instead of one or four volleyball matches instead of two. Imagine being able to pull in ticket sales while the wrestling team practices behind a curtain. With a retractable divider curtain in your gym or athletic space, there is never wasted time or space for your school, university or community center.

retractable divider curtain

Customized the Retractable Divider Curtain to Your Space

Thinking your space is too big or small for a divider curtain? Not true! No matter the size or setup of your space—from a small rec center to a professional court—retractable divider curtains can be customized to create the perfect atmosphere for your athletes, fans and bystanders.

In just 3 to 4 minutes, you can lower a retractable divider curtain, transforming your space into a highly functional area for multiple activities or lower it for one big event. Additionally, curtain dividers protect your school or center’s property, equipment and guests or can be conveniently stored out of the way along the ceiling.

And when it comes to motorized equipment in your space (especially the kind stored overhead) you want a quality product that lasts. Our products are designed and fabricated in house with no middleman, so quality is never a question. Plus our professional installation crew can assemble and install the equipment to ensure a lasting investment.

Need to raise and lower your divider curtain in seconds not minutes? Check out our high-speed retractable divider curtains.


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