You want to maximize the functionality of your gym or athletic space, improve its revenue stream and do it on a budget? A walk draw divider curtain is a convenient track-style divider curtain that offers an economical answer to your space dividing needs.

Once installed, all you have to do is walk the curtain across the area you want to divide and, voila! Your gymnasium can now accommodate two basketball games instead of one or allow a volleyball match to be scheduled (with paying spectators) while the soccer team runs drills behind the curtain. Or, after the gymnasium has been utilized for classes during the day, simply walk the curtain back for your big basketball game that evening. No other option allows you to transform your facility so efficiently on a tight budget.

walk draw divider curtain
walk draw divider curtain

Customize the Walk Draw Divider Curtain to Your Space

No matter the size of your high school, college or professional gym or athletic space, a walk draw divider curtain can be designed and built by the professionals at Victory Athletics. Since we fabricate all of our products in house, quality is never a question.

Walk draw divider curtains have a 1 7/16 inches-wide enclosed galvanized steel track and carriers spaced no more than 12 inches apart with 1-inch diameter polyurethane wheels. The curtain has 18 oz. or 22 oz. vinyl lower section and 9 oz. vinyl coated mesh upper section with welded seams, and is equipped with a bottom edge pocket for a 4/0 coil proof chain for ballast.

This manually operated curtain can be stored flat against a wall or in small corners of a facility. If you’d prefer the curtain be stored flat against a perpendicular wall or around some other curvature, consider a radius divider curtain, as well.

Are you ready to discover how you can improve the functionality of your gymnasium or athletic center with a walk draw divider curtain? Contact Victory Athletics today.