The crack of the bat. The intense speed of the ball. High-fiving your favorite players. There’s nothing like being at a live game cheering your team on. The proximity between the action-packed game and the lively crowd is what makes sporting events exciting. But being that close to the game poses risks. Especially when proper planning isn’t put into netting installation. Victory Athletics backstop netting prevents hazards while maintaining a phenomenal viewing experience for your fans.

Baseball can be unpredictable. Batters may strike out or hit a homerun. They might hit several foul balls in a row. Or they may hit a line drive right into the stands. While we can’t predict which way the ball will fly, we do know one thing: fans and bystanders need protection from baseballs that don’t ultimately find themselves in a glove.

Backstop netting provides the protection your ballpark or practice field needs. It keeps your property, including walls, windows, doors and scoreboards, safe and prevents injuries to people around the field.

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Backstop Netting versus a Chain Link Fence

While you certainly have options, consider backstop netting in comparison to a chain link fence. Fencing will be a more robust investment than netting. And, unfortunately, you will never be able to build a fence as high as a net can be hung. This also means vandals can climb over a fence but could never get over a net. Additionally, netting can be weatherproofed to endure the harshest UV rays, precipitation and cold weather whereas a chain link fence can rust.

Finally, backstop netting is infinitely more enjoyable to watch a baseball or softball game through than a chain link fence. Just picture it: metal squares obstructing your view or mesh that practically disappears…your choice!

So if you want unbeatable quality netting that will last for years, look no further than Victory Athletics. Our high quality backstop netting is made in house so we can customize the size and gauge to your specific needs, no matter how big or small your athletic facility.

If you are ready to protect your property and assets with high quality backstop netting, contact Victory Athletics today.  We also carry interior netting, exterior netting, barrier netting and sports netting.