Looking to provide continuous protection for your athletes and property? Gymnasium wall padding provides a safe and functional space along with the ability to be completely customized, but what about corners? Corners can be deceptively dangerous, so corner wall padding is a must. It protects your basketball players when diving after balls and players on an indoor soccer field gunning to keep a ball in bounds. It can even protect your athletes and bystanders while outdoors. It can be designed to fit into corners created by railings or chain link fences, keeping injuries at bay during football and baseball seasons.

Standard gymnasium wall padding panels measure 2 inches thick, 2 feet wide and 6 feet tall, but can be customized to fit any corner. The padding thickness can also be customized, so no matter your need or space constraints, your players will be protected and your bottom line won’t take a hit either.

Corner Wall Padding Personalized to Your Space

Just as your gymnasium wall padding can be personalized, so too can your corner padding. Choose colors to show off your school spirit and add vibrant images, logos or text to showcase your brand or message.

Corner wall padding maintains safety and is the perfect way to add a striking visual portrayal of your school logo or community crest in your scholastic or commercial space.

If you are not entirely sure of how to best protect your property and people, consider development consulting from Victory Athletics. We can help you design the perfect padding solution for your gymnasium or athletic center and offer consulting in budgeting, project layout, design, upgrading and installation.

Discover how corner wall padding customized to your preferred thickness, size and design can improve the functionality and protection of your gym or athletic space—contact Victory Athletics today.