Every sports facility needs protection outside the field of play to keep walls, ceilings, aisle ways and windows in pristine shape. It also needs to ensure spectators and bystanders are safe. Only one product can provide this protection and ensure fans’ safety: interior netting.

High quality interior netting absorbs the impact from baseballs, softballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs and even golf balls, ensuring games never come to a halt due to broken lights or windows or, worse, an injured observer.

When you purchase subpar netting, though, you will be spending unnecessary time and capital replacing that netting year after year. It can even be a danger to your athletes. Don’t let this happen to you.

protective interior netting
Protective Interior Netting

Durable Interior Netting for Any Application

The durable interior netting from Victory Athletics is built to last and is easy to maintain. It can be customized to fit your gymnasium or athletic space, no matter the size. You can also make modifications to your netting for special needs in your space, such as blocking out light or adding a dark background to contrast white balls from white walls.

Finally, you can customize the gauge—from #36 gauge nylon to #60 gauge nylon, we’ve got you covered. Here are our recommendations for choosing the right interior netting for your gym or athletic space:

  • #36: minimum gauge for high school sports, poly if you want it to last a couple seasons or nylon if you are looking for a longer lasting net
  • #42: nylon recommended for collegiate- and university-level athletes
  • #60: nylon highly recommended for commercial and professional facilities, built to last against thousands of daily swings at a commercial facility or powerful hits from professionals


If you are ready to protect your property and assets with high quality interior netting, contact Victory Athletics today.  We also carry exterior netting, barrier netting, backstop netting and sports netting.