Custom wall padding sizes are available and welcomed!

Protective wall padding is imperative to the safety of the players at your facility, but can also provide wonderful opportunities to show off you school or brand logo. Perform double duty by simply ordering your custom wall pads today.

Whether you need neoprene, Class A Foam or Bonded Polyurethane Foam, we can cover any shape or size to ensure a safe playing environment for athletes and their fans. We’ve even got what it takes to stick around for years to come—inquire about our Velcro and Aluminum attachment kits with your order.

No matter the space, corner, nook or cranny, Victory Athletics has your wall pads covered. Don’t hesitate to make your facility the safest, most up-to-date athletic arena in town—call Victory Athletics today!

Gymnasium Wall Padding

What do Oberlin College, Kent State University and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln have in common? They all have personalized gymnasium wall padding provided by Victory Athletics! And they all look really good.

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Wall Padding

Corner Wall Padding

Corners can be deceptively dangerous, so corner wall padding is a must. It protects your basketball players when diving after balls and players on an indoor soccer field gunning to keep a ball in bounds.

Door Wall Padding

Customizable to any door, door wall padding can be any height or width. And while standard padding is 2 inches thick, it can also be customized to your desired thickness.