Victory Athletics offers a variety of retractable batting cages to choose from. We use a #36 gauge nylon net with a 1 3/4” square mesh, 3/8” border rope knotted every mesh and a middle rib-line on top to reduce sag. We recommend this gauge for most situations, but offer others to choose from. Retractable batting cages 1-3 use an electric winch that will raise and lower your system by use of a key switch operation. You may also upgrade to a wireless remote system.

Victory Athletics provides many different types of batting cages for all types of facilities and budgets. The models shown below are the most popular models used by High Schools, Colleges, and Professional Sports Facilities. Please contact us for other options. We even have simple kits for the do it your selfer!

Navigate from the choices below and explore what would best fit your facility, and your budget.

1. Standard Retractable Batting Cage

The Standard Retractable Batting Cage is lowered at normal speed and the netting must be manually folded and stored on top of the unit once lowered. To bring the cage into the play position, the cage must be lowered first, netting removed from the top of the cage and then the cage must be raised again.

Standard Retractable Batting Cage

Standard Retractable Batting Cage Netting

2. Hands Free Retractable Batting Cages

The Hands Free Retractable Batting Cage automatically unfolds the netting as it is lowered and folds the netting as it is raised. These retractable batting cages are lowered and raised by a standard speed winch.

Motorized Indoor Retractable Batting Cage

Retractable Batting Cages

3. High Speed Hands Free Retractable Batting Cage

The High Speed Hands Free Retractable Batting Cage is the top of the line model we offer. The netting is automatically unfolded as the cage is lowered and folded as the cage is raised. These retractable batting cages are lowered and raised by an adjustable high speed winch.

High Speed Hands Free Retractable Batting Cage

4. Walk Draw Batting Cages

Victory Athletics Inc. offers a variety of indoor batting cages to meet your space and budgetary requirements. Our walk draw batting cage cable kits slide against the wall will make even the most modest budget look professional.

walk draw indoor batting cage
walk draw batting cages

5. Outdoor Batting Cages

As an athlete, you want your practice experience off the field to replicate your real-time performance. It’s important to practice in an environment where you can truly master your swing, improve your balance, and focus on your rhythm. Waiting for your turn on an open field is not always possible. Our convenient outdoor batting cages give players a greater sense of freedom, no matter the space constraints. Spend more time perfecting your skills, and less time figuring out when and where to practice. Let us show you why professional teams, collegiate squads, field houses, and major league players have entrusted us with their outdoor batting cage installations

Outdoor Batting Cages

6. Replacement Batting Cage Netting

Our Premium Series Replacement Batting Cage Nets offer the highest tenacity materials and construction as well as the most features on any batting cage net currently available, all at excellent prices. All Premium replacement batting cage nets are constructed utilizing high tenacity 100% virgin materials. Our Premium nets are ideal for the individual looking for the highest quality tunnel net at a reasonable price.