You’ve made a major investment in your gymnasium or athletic center message board, and your school, community and advertisers are relying on you to deliver their messaging. You can’t let them down, especially if they have paid for a slot in your advertising lineup. But unfortunately, a runaway ball could damage your equipment, sometimes beyond repair, bringing your scheduled games to a halt and your advertising revenue to a standstill. But you can ensure your investment is safeguarded with gymnasium message center protectors.

Secure your investment with a gymnasium message center protector made from a metal frame, metal brackets faceted to the wall or cabinet of the message center and, most importantly, a metal screen.

This screen does a superb job of protecting your message center but will never obscure the view of the messaging or advertisements being shown.

Protective equipment can be made to accommodate all brands and model types and can also be used to cover clocks, shot clocks, windows, shot timers and exit signs.

And servicing your message center is never a problem: the protective metal is built on a hinge so it is easily movable. Simply unbolt the bottom and fold it up, or request that they be custom made to fold to the side.

Gymnasium Message Center Protectors for the Outdoors

To protect your outdoor message center, you can opt for either metal or netting protectors. While the metal operates exactly as it would indoors, the netting is placed about 18 inches in front of your message center, which will absorb the impact of a football, baseball or softball, never allowing it to touch the equipment.

Netting can be 24 to 36 feet long and 12, 15 or 18 feet tall so you can cover all message boards with just one net.

Protect your investment. Get your gymnasium message center protector by contacting Victory Athletics today.